we keep you SHARS audit-ready...



We work with our Districts to maximize SHARS funds while ensuring program compliance....we keep you audit-ready!!!



Established in 1998, Lone Star Educational Billing Services (LSEBS) focuses on keeping Texas school districts audit-ready when participating in the School Health & Related Services (SHARS) Medicaid reimbursement program. We strive to uphold the integrity of this program because we understand how important the program is in funding the needs of the students who fall under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). LSEBS minimizes any administrative burden on the District while ensuring that services submitted for reimbursement are in complete compliance with the program rules and regulations.



Brenda Spiess, President and Owner of LSEBS, has been a part of Texas Education for nearly 40 years. In 1989 she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Sam Houston State University. Upon graduating, Brenda worked as a teacher and helped in curriculum development until starting LSEBS in 1998.

Brandi Spiess joined LSEBS in September 2012. Prior to this she worked 12 years in the Marketing group at an oil and gas company as a Financial Accountant. During this time she worked with both SEC and Governmental Reporting as well as Internal Financial Analysis.  Brandi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.